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Service & Safety


A Virginia Air licensed technician responded to a call for a pre-season check up on the only gas furnace in Gina’s home. The customer had purchased her home that summer and was taking a pro-active approach to managing her heating and cooling systems, which we applaud. 


What we found was unbelievable and potentially life-threatening.


Both the gas furnace and water heater were directly vented into a chimney that someone had capped off. Moreover an induced draft motor had been installed into the flue pipe, which vented directly into the home. This was a very dangerous situation.


During system tests, we detected that the induced draft motor installed into the flue pipe had seized up. Despite this, the flue pipe was still venting directly into the home.


We replaced the customer’s existing gas furnace with a direct-vent gas furnace and a gas water heater that had a termination kit that vented outside. Now, instead of worrying about life-threatening fumes being directly vented into her home, this homeowner and her family is enjoying a safe and warm environment.


Have you purchased a home recently? Has it been awhile since you’ve checked your systems? If so, get your heating systems tested now for safety, comfort and piece of mind.


Cool Customer Check-Up


On a hot August day we responded to a call from Paul, a homeowner of a 3-level town home. His AC was not cooling well.


Another heating and cooling company had visited the residence, but had refused to adjust refrigerant to the proper level stating that the EPA will not allow adding refrigerant if the system is known to be leaking.


A friend referred Paul to Virginia Air. Our initial findings showed that the system was lacking return air.  We then discovered that a return on the second level was blocked by a massive armoire. To make matters worse, an air filter inserted inside the screwed on filter grill was so blocked with dirt. It was actually being sucked into the return. We unscrewed the grill from the wall, removed the air filter and the return air reverted to normal levels. Paul’s home was once again cooled and comfortable.


Airflow is typically the biggest issue we encounter; whether it be supply or return air – but it is not always the first item addressed by other companies. Airflow is crucial to the effective running of your heating and cooling systems. Accurate system checks depend on proper airflow.


If your system is not cooling well, it could be an indication of improper air flow. Call VA Air for a systems check-up today to keep your air flowing and your unit operating at maximum efficiency.