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Knowledgeable office staff
A CFC-certified staff member answers the phone. This certification is required for HVAC installers and service technicians to handle refrigerant, and means they know and understand the basic technical side of the heating and air conditioning business. Because of this knowledge, they can often identify temporary solutions you can implement until the technician arrives or alert you to possible dangers.


Highly trained technicians
All technicians have extensive training and attend manufacturers’ classes to remain abreast of the latest equipment features and technology. Technicians include those with Master HVAC licenses and Master Gas Fitter licenses. They are highly qualified to service your equipment or install new equipment if needed.


Convenient service
Virginia Air Heating and Cooling doesn’t keep you waiting. We provide an appointment window and then call before we arrive, providing you with up to one hour’s notice. You can do what you need to do, receive our call on your cell phone or at your office, and then meet the technician at your home.


Available when you need them
Serving a core area of Virginia exclusively, Virginia Air Heating and Cooling is close by when you need us. Technicians will be dispatched to you promptly. With emergency service available during and after normal business hours, on weekends, and on holidays, you won’t be left in the cold or sweltering in unbearable heat until the next business day.


Fully stocked trucks
Because our trucks are fully stocked, more than 90% of all repairs are completed in just one visit. On the rare occasion a needed part is not on the truck, you will not be charged another service charge to bring that part to your home.


Consider it fixed
When you call Virginia Air Heating and Cooling you can relax and be assured that your heating or air conditioning problem will be fixed correctly and completely. Period.


Are you looking for a knowledgeable, experienced, reliable heating and air conditioning service provider? Your search is over. At Virginia Air Heating and Cooling, Inc. we provide customers with top-quality service you can trust and an unsurpassed dedication to customer satisfaction.