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Certified Professional HVAC TechnicianWhen reading through ads in the yellow pages for HVAC companies that service homes in your area, you have probably noticed the phrase “NATE certified technicians”. What does NATE certified mean? North American Technicians Excellence (NATE) is a program that promotes and develops excellence in installing and servicing heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration equipment through the voluntary testing and certification of the technicians who service this equipment.


NATE certified technicians hold one of the most prestigious of all the certifications possible in the HVAC industry. It is a voluntary system, so technicians who study and take the test are committed to being the best technicians they can be in their field. The testing is challenging and the pass rate is relatively low, so achieving this certification is meaningful. HVAC company employers know that surveys indicate NATE certified technicians are more productive than those without the certification and also stay in the industry longer as a career.


What is NATE certification? This third party program qualifies HVAC technicians as experts in not only residential HVAC work but also light commercial plus commercial refrigeration. The NATE program has broad support from many in the HVAC industry including manufacturers, distributors, contractors, builders and utility companies. People in the industry are aware that improper installation of an HVAC unit may cut up to 30 percent off its overall efficiency ( and assuring that units are installed by competent, knowledgeable technicians eliminates this problem.


What does this certification mean for homeowners? NATE certification means that your HVAC technician has achieved a level of technical expertise and knowledge over and above what is required to be hired for the usual HVAC technician’s job. When a NATE certified tech comes to service your system, you can rely on him or her to know exactly how to service, repair or install HVAC systems properly. Manufacturers endorse these technicians because it means fewer service calls for their equipment and fewer warranty returns for problems caused by improper installation or repair.


You can call a HVAC service company that employs NATE certified technicians with the confidence that your home’s unit will be in good hands. As summer begins, make an appointment to have a maintenance inspection completed on your home’s HVAC unit before hot weather puts it through its paces. Be sure to run your ceiling fans this summer to assist your air conditioner in cooling your home and save some money on your energy bills.