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When a home’s climate control system works smoothly, you can ride out the roughest winters and hottest summers without an issue. Since every machine breaks eventually, however, a homeowner or business owner needs to be prepared for the necessary residential heating maintenance and repair to their unit. While you may only encounter troubles infrequently, perhaps once a year, keeping a unit in good condition minimizes the downtime whenever a serious issue occurs. In the event that you need residential cooling maintenance and repair, always contact our professional team in order to make sure the job gets done in good quality.

Malfunctioning HVAC Units

When you need to get a malfunctioning air conditioner unit up and working on the same day, Virginia Air can schedule an inspection and repair to keep it blowing cool on those hot days. A wide variety of issues may be at fault here, so trust the professionals to examine the unit. You can schedule an inspection to determine where the fault lies and then get a specialized repair service on any of the major brands of air conditioning units. You are only charged for the service, not the hourly investment, so that you know ahead of time how much you will have to pay for anything from duct cleaning to filter changes.

Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

Sometimes you want to take your interior heating a step further. A gas fireplace installation can keep the temperature at a steady high during the wintertime, while providing aesthetic value. Virginia Air can clean and service the gas logs used to make interior fireplaces, checking for any leaks that could jeopardize safety and health, making sure all connections are sealed and secure, and ensuring the quality of the pilot light to prevent electrical shortages and flare-ups. You should have your gas fireplace checked every fall before you begin to routinely fire it up during the wintertime. Virginia Air can make sure it runs regularly each year.

Complete Comfort

How many climate control units do you have in your home? Perhaps you have many ways to keep the interior temperate, including central air, window air conditioners, and remote heaters. When you want to make sure that all of them work in unison, or that the main unit does not short out, you can subscribe to Virginia Air’s Home Comfort Club to keep your units pumping air without issue. This Club allows members to get semi-annual inspections during the fall and spring, before they need to begin to invest more energy into their heating and cooling, while also providing discounts and savings on parts, services, and repairs. Get peace of mind with Virginia Air’s standard service arrangement.

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If you are concerned that your heater cannot reach a certain level or if you simply cannot get the thermostat to budge, contact Virginia Air toll-free today at (888) 384-9800 to schedule a same-day inspection and repair. You can have your questions about a unit answered and get maintenance to ensure you do not spend a single day sweating or shivering.