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Home Comfort Club  (download a PDF)

Our Home Comfort Club offers homeowners the assurance of knowing your heating and cooling equipment is operating at maximum efficiency, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of a well-cooled and heated home all year long.


Regular maintenance can extend the life of your equipment as well as reduce energy costs and the likelihood of inconvenient breakdowns. Our Home Comfort Club is more than a routine check-up. It’s a thorough inspection and cleaning to make sure your heat or AC is working within manufacturer’s specifications. If certain compartments or components need cleaning, that service is included. Cleaning is critical for your systems to operate effectively. That’s why we include it as part of your Home Comfort Club membership.
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Our Home Comfort Club offers the following benefits:


  • Spring and fall heating and air conditioning system maintenance checks and cleaning services to ensure your equipment is in top working order.
  • Priority service and scheduling for all your heating and air conditioning needs.
  • Discounts on repairs and new installations.


*Inspections may vary as they are customized to, and dependent on, your specific system requirements.